World Minister of Health: Pandemic

I think this moment has come to present the game project, which I have been working on for a long time. Inspired by similar titles, I decided to try my hand in this business but on this good side 🙂 Where do you have to fight the virus 🙂

Plan for the game

  • Current State

Currently the game is in pre-alpha stage. The main mechanics are already working. That is erecting new facilities and sending medical teams to virus outbreaks. The infection system itself is currently quite random but I am thinking of scripts it so that the level of difficulty increases as the player develops.

  • Release date

I think that in a few months the game should be completed. It plans for the end of 2021. I think I will also release the game in early steam availability for first reviews and tests. And after a month, publish it in the full version.

What’s next?

From time to time I will publish new screenshots and new gameplay information. So stay in touch 🙂