Bango Games Shows The New Mechanics And Animations That Bakery Biz Tycoon Will Have Through A New Video

Tycoon Biz Bakery is a strategy videogame currently under development by Bango Games, where players will assume the position of managing a Bakery in the main city of Middelton (fictitious place where the game is developed), along with the task of balancing profits and costs to develop the company, and manage production efficiently. The game will soon be available at Steam early access.

Even though Bakery Biz Tycoon is still in the development phase, Bango Games has offered its future players the opportunity to observe the game’s advances through various YouTube videos that expose the main aspects of its gameplay, its scenarios and everything that this videogame will have to offer.

On June 28th, Bango Games released a new video along with several screenshots showing the improvements that Bakery Biz Tycoon has received in its interface and the new scenarios that this game will have.

The visual aspects that stood out most in this new trailer are the great progress that has been achieved in the main city of Middelton along with the new animations, and the inclusion of various functional buildings with which the player will be able to interact. These buildings will be very varied establishments, such as: Shops, offices, bakeries, banks and warehouses.

But what stands out most about Bakery Biz Tycoon is its complex game mechanics where the player will manage his business through very varied and well-defined modules. The game modules that showed the most significant advances are the following:

  • The sales and revenue module: an element that will allow the player to have full access to information about the company.
  • The production module: an interface in which players will be able to introduce products for sale along with the possibility of increasing production capacity. Bango Games says they would like this module to have enhancements that allow the player to make more complex production lines.
  • The Marketing module: a mechanism where the player manages support activities to improve sales and the number of potential customers, such as marketing campaigns.

Another novelty of Bakery Biz Tycoon is the inclusion of bakery contests, events where the player can participate and try to improve their sales influence.

The objective of Bango Games with each of these modules is to add functions that deepen the mechanics of the game.

But Bakery Biz Tycoon still has some incomplete elements that its developers would like to include in the future, among them are the inclusion of a system of contracts where the player will be able to sell outside the stores and the introduction of a logistics module, a mechanism that will introduce delivery elements into the game which will include the purchase of delivery vehicles and possible plans to supply products to different stores.

Anyway, Bakery Biz Tycoon still needs a lot of development to be complete, but even so, so far it has shown that it will be a fairly complete management game with a gameplay that will have very diverse and deep mechanics that undoubtedly deserve to be tested and enjoyed in the future. To learn more about this videogame you can visit their website: and for those who want to get it in Steam:



About Bango.Games

Bango.Games is a young indie game development studio located in Gdynia, Poland. His founder and CEO have a true passion for tycoon games which is transmitted to his very first game Bakery Biz Tycoon.

There are two core differentials of Bango.Games, the first one is the love for the complexity; they put the details at the center of their mechanics, making their players challenge themselves to reach satisfactory goals. The second one is the attention to personalization, turning every match into a unique and unrepeatable journey.

With experience in the videogame industry and the passion that only a truly devoted gamer has, Bango.Games work every day to offer living business ecosystems even for the most demanding players, without leaving aside the most casual ones. This equilibrium between complexity and fun is what makes a great tycoon game.




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