Preparing to release Biz Tycoon Bakery

I am now working on the last improvments and I’m polishing the game for early access.

After tests, the game seems to be a stable version ready to be played by you. I hope you will like it. Although this is not all I would like to include in this production. In the next days, close to realese I will present a roadmap for the current version of the early access so that in the next few months will release the full version. In the road map mentioned above, I will try to indicate what the game will be about to contain and when I plan to provide these functions and new content.

Finally, I would like to add that this is not the end of the changes that it plans to introduce. I do not remain indifferent to your suggestions and ideas, therefore I will not rely only on my road map and some of my ideas in the final version may not appear. And I hope that will be the beginning of a discussion that will tell me what to focus on. Should I work on the introduction of new features and game mechanics or more on improving what is.