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Bakery Biz Tycoon on Sale!

Bakery Biz Tycoon starts in a pre-summer sale! You can now buy the game on our...

New Bakery Biz Tycoon trailer

Today we present a new trailer from Bakery Biz Tycoon. It is already version 0.9...

New gameplay from Bakery Biz Tycoon

I would like to introduce gameplay from the new 0.9.9 Bakery Biz Tycoon.

Bakery Biz Tycoon 0.9.5

The new city of Yuma, new factories, warehouses and offices all in full HD

Welcome to Sandon, patch 0.8.5

The biggest change in the new 0.8.5 patch is the introduction of a new Sandon city...

Bakery Biz Tycoon Media Kit

Bakery Biz Tycoon Press Kit

Bakery Biz Tycoon Released!

After many months of working on Bakery Biz Tycoon. I can finally say that the game...

New Trailer & Release Date

I present to you a new trailer and the date of release of the game in early access.

Bango.Games shows the new Bakery Biz Tycoon Video

Bango Games Shows The New Mechanics And Animations That Bakery Biz Tycoon Will...

Bango Games shows the new Bakery Biz Tycoon video

Bango Games shows the new mechanics and animations that Bakery Biz Tycoon will...

Bakery Biz Tycoon by Bango.Games is ready for early access

A Complete Living Market For Bread Entrepreneurs Is Good To Go

Preparing to release Biz Tycoon Bakery

I am now working on the last improvments and I’m polishing the game for...