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Bakery Biz Tycoon Released!

After many months of working on Bakery Biz Tycoon. I can finally say that the game has just been released.

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Bango.Games 08/06/2019 0 Comments

New Trailer & Release Date

I present to you a new trailer and the date of release of the game in early access.

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Bango.Games 08/05/2019 0 Comments

Bango Games shows the new Bakery Biz Tycoon video

Bango Games shows the new mechanics and animations that Bakery Biz Tycoon will have through a new video

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Bango.Games 07/12/2019 0 Comments

Preparing to release Biz Tycoon Bakery

I am now working on the last improvments and I’m polishing the game for early access.

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Bango.Games 06/21/2019 0 Comments

We build the city! Middelton

Finally, I managed to finish the map of the first city. I decided to make a “flat” map of the city for the moment. Over time, it can be transformed into a “live” map with animations.

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Bango.Games 06/12/2019 0 Comments

First look at Bakery Biz Tycoon

Today I would like to share the first screenshots of Bakery Biz Tycoon with you.

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Bango.Games 06/09/2019 0 Comments

Bakery Biz Tycoon soon on steam in early access

We would like to announce that our game Bakery Biz Tycoon will be soon available on the Steam platform in an early access version.

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Bango.Games 06/08/2019 0 Comments

New Game: Bakery Biz Tycoon

Tycoon game in baking world. Became one of the bigger baking company in game world! Everyone need bread!

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Bango.Games 06/06/2019 0 Comments